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you’ve just landed on Innovation Frontier blog, and we welcome you!Innovation Frontier is a Portfolio on innovative projects in the field of project management, informatics and technology.The idea has been conceived by a multi-cultural, multi-generational group which consists of:
Russell D. Archibald: PhD (Hon) ESC-Lille (Fr), MSc (U of Texas) & BS (U of Missouri) Mechanical Engineering, PMP, Fellow PMI and Honorary Fellow APM/IPMA (member of the Board of IPMA/INTERNET 1974-83), held engineering and executive positions in aerospace, petroleum, telecommunications, and automotive industries in the USA, France, Mexico and Venezuela (1948-1982). Russ also had 9 years of active duty as a pilot officer with the U.S. Army Air Corps (1943-46) and the U. S. Air Force (1951-58.) Since 1982 he has consulted to companies, agencies and development banks in 16 countries on 4 continents, and has taught project management principles and practices to thousands of managers and specialists around the world. He is the author of Managing High-Technology Programs and Projects, 3rd Edition 2003, also published in Russian, Italian, and Chinese, plus other books (in English, Italian, Japanese, and Hungarian) and many papers on project management. Web site: http://russarchibald.com Contact: Russell_archibald@yahoo.com

Ivano Di Filippo: Team leader of Genial Software, a high performance expert team; ISIPM PM certified, Member of Professional Italian Project Manager list held by ISIPM. Ivano has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and project manager in business information systems development. During three years of study with the medical faculty at La Sapienza University in Rome he developed a strong interest in subjects concerning human behavior and human mental processes, and has continued over many years to cultivate and develop this interest by applying the cognitive psychological theories as an important key to success in the numerous projects he has directed. Contemporarily he studied computer science to become a web site programmer and IT programmer as applied in project management. Ivano is the author of “When Does a Project Start? The Critical Buffering Theory” in the ISIPM Magazine Il Project Manager, published by Franco Angeli (see References.) ISIPM Project Managers Professional list: http://www.isipm.org/albo-professionale/catalog?search=Di+Filippo Web site: www.genialsoftware.it  Contact: Ivano.difilippo@genialsoftware.it
Daniele Di Filippo: Graduate Student at Roma3 University (Rome, Italy) in IT Engineering, just concluded an internship at NTT Data Company, and received his bachelor degree in IT Engineering in July 2012. Member of Istituto Italiano di Project Management/ISIPM. He is studying for his Master Degree and researching to realize a project named Project 400x, that belongs to the Transhumanism context. Part-time free-lance writer.
Website: http://project400x.wordpress.com Contact: daniele.difilippo@live.com

Innovation Frontier Present

The first project of the current program called “Project Management Frontiers” revolves around two articles about two main aspects of project management new approach suggested by PMI and other institutions and personalities, and which broadens project management metrics to an holistic, advanced view.

The Six-Phase Comprehensive Project Life Cycle Model Including the Project Incubation/Feasibility Phase and the Post-Project Evaluation Phase

The first article suggests the introduction of two new phases to the classic Project Life Cycle: the Incubation Phase, which is placed before the Project Starting phase, and the Post-Project Evaluation phase, which finds place after the Project Close-Out Phase. These two phases have been conceived to enable stakeholders to obtain the best from themselves and from the project they’re working on, and are part of an emotive-aware project management which will enable the highest internal rate of return optimizing an overlooked working performance component: the Cognitive Context layer.

Cognitive Context: a Key Element in Project Management Metrics

Cognitive Context is a layer of everyday professional life which is being taken into account only recently, and is now under research from PMI APM, ISO. This article will present the conception of the company as a bio-system in which every part contributes actively for the survival of the whole through what we call “Cognitive Awareness”.

Cognitive Awareness is the understanding by the individual of his own needs and the company ones. He will therefore work for a better environment and brighter career perspectives.

The article will study the roots of Cognitive Awareness in the Cognitive Context through Cognitive Constraints and Cognitive Enablers. The first are psychological obstacles that need to be overcome, while the seconds are “fuel” for commitment and agency.

A pragmatic example on how to create a tool which aids top managers, human resource managers, project managers and employees will be introduced. This tool will be developed in the second phase of the program.

Innovation Frontier Near Future

Compass is a project whose main objective is to lead companies AND individuals to professional success through the optimization of the working environment and the activation of awareness of chances which could slip away of sight.
Why spending 50% of our lives suffering fatigue and boredom? Living profession as a challenge will soon be easy and sweet as a piece of cake!

Innovation Frontier (not so) Far Future

There is a frontier man has been denied to overcome throughout centuries of story and literature: the one of his life-span and True Freedom. Even the Dantesque Ulysses, the the epitome of wisdom and knowledge, could not overcome his “bound to Earth”.

This sense of lack of dignity and of danger in breaking our limits in Freedom in its true, primal sense filled man’s heart and fills it even nowadays, when technology has spreaded in every aspect of life. There are indeed organizations which support the seek of freedom from death and human limits in the transhumanism context, but they are seen by many as a menace, by others as something not serious at all.With Aurora Project we will explore this “final frontier” trying make use of the wisdom of a philosopher, the touch and perception of an artist, the curiosity of a scientist and the competence of a project manager.

A comprehensive research will be carried on to explore each perspective and foresee what will await us beyond the horizon: only after we obtain this knowledge, both rational and emotive, we’ll choose which steps to make into what will not be “unknown” anymore, but just another chapter of our evolution. Our own chapter.

Evolution will happen, no matter which is our will: the best we can do is to anticipate it and drive it towards the right direction.

Every man is a traveler, seeking freedom in plenty of ways: fun, thrill, love, peace, knowledge, wisdom, friendship are just different paths everyone chooses towards freedom, and the expression of one’s self.

Here, on Innovation Frontier, we will do our best to help everyone (including us!) at following the long way towards what we are just as we’ll help the world finding the best professional outcome: as a compass whose needle points to our future, the best we can imagine of!


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